"Here I am on the cusp of
seventy years of age . . . a
Presbyterian pastor and
missionary" ministering to fifty or
sixty "queers and queens" in
"this northern Thai village
context."   July, 2009.
Articles by The Rev., Dr. Kenneth Dobson   -    "The Thai Village Gay Way" and other writtings
Kenneth Dobson
New as of
January 2010
Other Sheep in Asia
Steve & Jose's 2009
Travels, Meetings and
Events in Asia

  • Chiang Mai,
    July 10 - July
    29, 2009
  • Bangkok, Mae
    Sot, August 23 -
    29, 2009

    See our BLOG for
    commentaries on our
    different experiences
    throughout the trip.
"I have other sheep that do not belong to this fold.  I must bring them also."  
John 10:16 NRSV
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Ken Dobson is Other Sheep Coordinator for Thailand
After 2009, subsequent trips to Asia have been made - to other countries including
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