2013 Latin America Annual Report: Coordinator for Latin America and Other Sheep co-Founder, John Doner, Retires as Other Sheep Coordinator

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Editor’s Note: Rev. Dr.Tom Hanks, in his March 4, 2014 email, comments, “Since John continues to work on editing my books, I don’t consider him very retired in terms of Other Sheep work, just from administrative responsibilities as Coordinator for Latin America.  Epifania [the publisher] says our latest on Daniel and the Twelve Minor Prophets should be ready end of this month.  So now John and I are working on the major prophets, with Jeremiah already done.”


I am now 75, and I think it’s time to retire.  I am in no way doing justice to the position of Latin America coordinator, and that weighs heavily on my conscience.  I assume there is no one to take over that responsibility, but at least my conscience will be clear…or at least clearer.  There is so much that could be done, but I have neither the time nor the energy to do it.  Hopefully the new country coordinators in Colombia and Peru will be able to accomplish a great deal and thus more than pick up the slack in those countries.

This has been a difficult year in terms of my health.  In the spring I was again in rehabilitation therapy for a long-term back problem, and in September I had a very aggressive, large sarcoma (malignant tumor) removed from my right thigh.  All of the muscle and tissue on the front of my thigh were removed, thus creating problems in walking.  I start rehabilitation therapy next week and radiation therapy in January.  I appreciate your prayers.

But perhaps the most important factor, aside from my guilt, is the need to spend as much time as possible working with Tom Hanks to prepare his work for publication.  I think you’re all aware that we are working on his proposed Subversive Hebrew Scriptures, which will be his companion volume to The Subversive Gospel, published by Pilgrim Press in 2000.  Current plans are for three to five volumes, starting with Daniel and the 12 “minor” prophets (Tom will have to tell you why he’s starting at the end!).  To do justice to his work, I need to devote as much time as possible to that project.  If you will recall, we requested a grant early this year from the Carpenter Foundation to finance the preparation, publication and distribution for Tom’s books, but because of our collective error in understanding Carpenter’s funding criteria, the grant was not approved.

Given the above, I hereby submit my resignation as Other Sheep’s Latin America coordinator.  However, I will be happy to cooperate with our executive director in any way possible.  If someone becomes available to work in this field, I will be happy to share all of the information at my disposal.  May God richly bless the future of the organization.

Respectfully submitted,

John Doner
Dec. 9, 2013

The above document was attached to the following email:
From: jpdoner@terra.com.mx 

To: Mr Stan Kimer, Steve Parelli, Tomás Hanks
Dec 9 at 7:45 PM 

Attached please find my “annual” report and notice of resignation.  As I indicate in my report, it’s time for me to assuage my guilt and give up trying to be Latin America coordinator.  I wish all of you God’s richest blessings in the work of Other Sheep!

My regular computer is in the shop and may not be ready tomorrow before the Board meeting, and I’ve not been able to install Skype on this old machine.  So I may not be able to “attend” tomorrow’s Board meeting.  If not, please give my greetings to all.

 In Christ’s love, John

Editor’s Notes:
(1) On September 30, 2014, John Donor passed away.  Click here to go the Other Sheep web page in Memory of John.
(2) Nancy Wilson, Moderator of MCC, upon hearing of John’s retirement from Other Sheep, wrote this tribute to John.

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