Exec. Dir.’s 2013 Annual Report

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Executive Director’s Annual Report
November 10, 2012 (Annual Meeting) – December 10, 2013 (Annual Meeting)

Prepared for December 10, 2013 Annual Meeting
Rev. Stephen Parelli

Note: Reference to “Jose” in report is Jose Ortiz Coordinator for Asia and Africa

The following is a list, in chronological order, of the activities in which the Executive Director involved himself.

November 2012

  • Attended with Jose, 2012 Annual Business Meeting (Nov. 10), St. Louis, Missiouri
  • Attended AAR & SBL (American Academy of Religion & Society of Biblical Literature), Chicago, Illinois -Networking; time with Rev. Thomas Hanks and Jim Miller; personal enrichment; books purchased; suggested topic for one of the tracks of SBL Africa Biblical Hermeneutics for 2013 conference – accepted.

December 2012

  • Attended Religious Pre-Conference of/ and ILGA main conference (International Lesbian and Gay Association), Stockholm, Sweden -Networking
  • Conducted Meeting with Jose Ortiz, Bethan United Methodist Church, Gloucester Point (Williamsburg area), Virginia -Presented PowerPoint on the Ministry of Other Sheep to Sid Dixon’s Adult Sunday School Class, laid the ground work for a seminar in April
  • Fund Raising Sent out year end fund raiser letter to friends and supporters of Other Sheep ministry

January 2013

  • Personal Meeting with (2nd) Toiko Tonisson Kleepe, Associate Human Rights Officer, Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), United Nations, New York. -Upon her request, I meet to discuss religion and LGBT concerns. She was especially interested in my knowledge of evangelicalism and the global South.
  • Fund Raising wrote and submitted 5 separate grant requests to Carpenter Foundation, one of which was subsequently awarded ($15,000)
  • Attended with Jose, Caribbean Crossroads of the World, Queens Museum of Art, Panel Discussion on LGBT issues in the Caribbean, Queens, New York-Networking (especially in view of our having been to Martinique and St. Lucia in 2012)
  • Visited, with Jose, in the home of Indian Dr.Pankaj Naram, Westchester County, New York.-Claudio (Italian), a contact we made in Kerala, India, whose work is in India and who was working on an extended visit with Dr. Naram in the USA, visited in our home and subsequently arranged our visit with Dr. Naram.
  • Attended the Memorial Service of Gordon I. Herzog, St. Louis, Missouri

February 2013

  • Hosted in our home for two weeks (end of January into February), a gay Christian couple from Colombia who, in turn, would host us in their home in Bogota, Colombia, in August and would oversee the printing of 1,000 copies of The Children Are Free in Spanish in Bogota. This was a first-time meeting via Couch Surfing
  • Presented (28th) at Pride Alliance (student organization) SUNY, Geneseo, New York-PowerPoint presentation on LGBT Christians in Kenya and Uganda

March 2013

  • Discussed (1st) reparative therapy before SUNY, Geneseo, NY
  • Attended with Jose (2nd) SUNY, Geneseo, NY Other Sheep benefit program
  • Presented with Jose attending (3rd) MCC Rochester, NY-Following church service, presented a PowerPoint on Other Sheep ministry
  • Attend (9th) the Memorial Service of Rev. Priscilla R. Allen, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Conduct a meeting (28th)on the Bible and homosexuality, PFLAG, Hilo (Big Island), Hawaii
  • Participated in, with Jose (26th) the Honolulu Inter-faith Equality March

April 2013

  • Jose testifying on stage (1st)before hundreds “I’m here with my husband,” Paradise Cove luau, Oahu, Hawaii (afterwards commended by pastor and lesbian couple for “much needed” LBGT representation)
  • Preached, Sunday 14th at Metropolitan Community Church – Christ the Liberator, Highland, NJ
  • Conduct seminar, with Jose attending (20th)Bethany United Methodist Church, Gloucester Point (Williamsburg area), Virginia-Presented a PowerPoint seminar on the Bible and homosexual-Taught adult Sunday School class on “ex-gay”

May 2013

  • Attend with Jose and Present at (17-19th) Connecting Families (associated with Brethren Mennonite Council – BMC), Laurelville Mennonite Church Center, Western Pennsylvania-Present PowerPoint on Other Sheep’s 2012 Summer Ministry (East Africa-Carrebean-Guatemala).

June 2013

  • Preached, Sunday 2nd “Achieving Gay Rights in Africa” at Metropolitan Community Church – Christ the Liberator, Highland Park, NJ
  • Personal Meeting with Cheryl Dudley, Arcus Global Religions Program Director

June 25 (Steve)/ June 30 (Jose) through September 1Summer Ministry with JoseSee full report submitted in October 2013

  • Traveled to, with Jose, Peru, Venezuela, Guatemala (with a day-trip for a seminar in Honduras), and Colombia-Meetings, Seminars, Media, Cold calling, Literature Distribution, Networking, Canvasing
    -Three new Coordinators (Colombia, Peru); Two new Book Distributors (Colombia, Nicaragua)

September 2013

  • Preached, Sunday 29th at Metropolitan Community Church – Christ the Liberator, Highland, NJ

October 2013

  • Presented an Other Sheep workshop with Jose; and panel member with Jose on Uganda, AWAB (Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists) (11th -14th), Providence, RI.
  • Hosted in our home, (17th -25th), Dr. Renato Lings of Denmark, on Tour in the USA, and Accompanied him to two meetingsJose only accompanied Renato to 15th St. Friends Meetings, Manhattan, NY-Steve only accompanied Renato to St Peter’s (Lutheran) Church, Manhattan, NY
  • Hosted in our home (26th-27th, Nov. 2 – with Renato, and again Dec. 4th) A young college grad man [name withheld] from an Asian country [name withheld], living in [town withheld], NJ.-an evangelical gay Christian looking for guidance; we connected him with Rev. Boon (and in turn Patrick Cheng)

November 2013

  • Outreach to American Baptist Churches (Friday, 1st), Syracuse, NY (my home town)-Cold-call (phoned ahead) on four American Baptist pastors at their churches and one regional office, leave material on Other Sheep and The Children Are Free-By appointment: meeting with Burmese American Baptist pastor (from Burma), show him Burmese translation of The Children Are Free on the Internet-In addition: network and connect with New York State guidance counselors (Friday and Saturday, 1st and 2nd).
  • Visit with Jose (3rd) Emmanuel Baptist Church and Friedens United Church of Christ, Schenectady, NY-An AWAB church; gay pastor is from my denominational background (GARBC) and sister college (Cederville, OH) – a great connection
  • On panel with Jose (17th), on “gay, families and the holidays,” Maranatha, The Riverside Church, Manhattan, NY
  • Attend with Jose, and Presented paper at (22th-26th), SBL/AAR (Society of Biblical Literature and American Academy of Religion), Baltimore, MD-Jose attended Friday evening through Sunday (22nd -24th) afternoon (assisted with handouts, networking, and attended Steve’s presentation of his paper)-Steve’s paper (24th) “Anti-Gay Sentiment in Uganda: A Test-Case for Resolving Conflict” presented to the African Biblical Hermeneutics Section of the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL)

December 2013 (through the 10th of December)

  • Accompany with Jose Renato Lings to two of his book-tour meetings (Sunday, 1st) -Saint Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church, Manhattan, NY-SAFE (Spiritual Support to LGBT People) and the LOFT Community Center, Rachelle, NY
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