ILGA Africa conference held in Kenya

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Pan Africa ILGA Hosts 2014 Regional Conference In Kenya

It was amidst a huge security concern that the regional Pan Africa ILGA (PAI) was held in Kasarani, Kenya. This was on the backstop of Kenya politicians becoming the latest addition proposing to follow Uganda and Nigeria to introduce harsh anti-homosexuality laws. We are happy to report that the PAI conference was successfully completed without any security breaches.

The unwavering commitment by the PAI board to hold this long awaited event and the excellent collaboration with local partners made this conference a resounding success. PAI is particularly indebted to UHAI, EASHRI and GALCK for assisting in the formulation of a strong security plan for the conference. PAI is grateful to both these partners for their expertise and support during this process. PAI also acknowledges the support of ISHTAR MSM, for hosting this incredibly successful conference.

The PAI conference was meant to provide among others, a regional platform to discuss issues affecting LGBTI people in Africa, especially develop strategies to combat violence and discrimination of people on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, but most importantly to adopt a constitution that would institutionalize PAI.

The conference brought together Africa’s diversity in race, gender, regional representation, language and politics, resulting in rich conversations on how to move Africa’s sexual orientation and gender identity politics forward. With this varied congregation of approximately 150 people, a new PAI executive board was elected, a constitution endorsed. There was clear ownership and active participation of this entire process by PAI members.

PAI is pleased to announce the incredible human rights activists from many regions of Africa who now form the PAI executive board:

Co Chair (Male): Yahia Zaidi (Algeria, Belgium)
Co Chair (Female): Monica Tabengwa (Botswana, Kenya)
Co Chair Alternate (Male): Richard Lusimbo (Uganda)
Co Chair Alternate (Female): Akudo Oguaghamba (Nigeria)
Secretary: Anthony Oluoch (Kenya)
Treasurer: Caine Youngman (Botswana)
Supporting Board Member: Kholoud Bidak (Egypt)
Supporting Board Member:  Bachir Ali Toudert (Algeria, South Africa)
Supporting Board Member: Samuel Opio (Uganda)
Supporting Board Member:  Jabulani Pereira (South Africa)

PAI also recognizes the contribution of all the activists, funders and partners who actively participated in this process, adding texture to dialogue while supporting the work of PAI and encouraging shared vision and full participation of the of all regions of the continent.

For more information about this conference please contact:

Yahia Zaidi at,
Monica Tabengwa at and
Lame Olebile at

Pan Africa ILGA is the African region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association. Founded in 1978, ILGA is a world-wide network of local, national and international groups from every continent and representing 110 countries. ILGA is dedicated to achieving equal rights and ending all forms of discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex.

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