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Writings are listed by Author.
Contributors are generally closely associated with Other Sheep.
Authors listed on this page are Kenneth Dobson, Thomas Hanks, James E. Miller and Stephen Parelli

Dobson, Rev. Dr. Kenneth

Easter Experience, April 2, 2015

Hanks, Rev. Dr. Thomas

1. Violence Against the Bible or Inspired by the Bible? Seven case studies in
   the torture of biblical texts.  -Tom Hanks
Sodom and Gomorrah:  Gen 19
Sodom in Jesus’ teaching:  Matt 10; Lk 10
Jude (the brother of Jesus):  Sodom again
Sodomites” in Five Hebrew Scriptures?  Deut 23
Bring back the death penalty?  Lev 18 & 20
“Males’ bed(s)” in two Pauline vice texts:  I Cor 6; I Tim 1
Pretext our of context?  Rom 1:26-27

2. Homophobia and Hermeneutics:  Romans 1  –Tom Hanks
Five Guidelines for Biblical Interpretation in Sexual Questions:  Complexity; Euphemistic;
Pre-scientific and Phenomenological; Literary Genre; and Diversity.
Test Case:  Rom 1:26-27

3. Clobbering Back with the Clobber texts: Taking the Bible Seriously:
   Are There Clobber Texts in the Bible?  -Tom Hanks
         Main Divisions:  (for the full outline click here)
I. From Sodom the place (Genesis 19), to Sodomy the sin (1000 A.D.)
II. Safer Sex before Condoms: Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13
III. The New Testament: Beginning with Jesus, not Paul
IV. Deconstructing our Homophobia: with Paul in Romans

4. The Bible, Sex, And Ideological Fundamentalism  -Tom Hanks
         Main Divisions:  (for the full outline click here)
I. A Solid Foundation: Seven Pillars of Wisdom
II. Proper Use of Scripture for Sexual Questions
III. Queer Theology for 14 Sexual Minorities – Controversial Sexual Areas

5.  A Gay Apostle’s Queer Epistle for a Peculiar People: Romans 1:24-27 in its context
    -Tom Hanks
Main Divisions:  (for the full outline click here)
l. Romans 1:18-2:16, a new translation
ll. Introduction: Twelve new trees that make a new forest
lll. Connecting the Dots, Linking the Trees, Exploring the New Forest
lV. Conclusion. John Boswell and Louis Crompton: anti-Semitism and homophobia
Bibliography 1 Queer Theology and Gender Studies
Bibliography 2 Homoeroticism in Romans 1:26-27 and Homophobic Interpretations
Bibliography 3 Romans
Appendix: Romans 16:  Poor slaves, women leaders, and sexual minorities in five humble
  house churches in Rome

40 Myths in the Seven “Clobber” Texts Unmasked with Exegetical Studies -Tom Hanks
     (71 pages in length; posted here Oct. 1, 2011)

Sexual Minorities in the Bible: the Positive Textsin the New TestamentTom Hanks
     (60 pages in length; posted here Oct. 1, 2011)

Other Writings by Rev. Dr. Thomas Hanks

1.  The Subversive Gospel – A commentary on each NT book
2.  The Subversive Hebrew Bible – A commentary on each OT book
3.  AIDS, Homophobia and the Wrath of God

for the above three writings and additional writings, visit the Other Sheep Argentine  Foundation  CLICK HERE

A paper by Tom Hanks presented at the AARSBL 2007 Annual Meeting
San Diego, California on November 17   (Revised February 2010)
(American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature)

Robert Jewett (2007) and Robert Gagnon (2001) and other scholars on Romans 1:16 – 2:

Lings, Dr. K Renato

Love Lost in Translation:  Homosexuality and the Bible

Miller, James E.

Studies in Biblical Sexuality
2nd Edition, 2010
by James E. Miller

Chapter 1          Raw Material, An Introduction with Title Cover and Table of Contents
Chapter 2          Sexuality and Gender, Divine and Human: Genesis 1-2
Chapter 3          Naked and Ashamed: Genesis 3, etc.
Chapter 4          Euphemism, Talking Around the Issues
Chapter 5          Circumcision, the Covenant of Reproduction
Chapter 6          Unclean Emissions: Leviticus 15
Chapter 7          Leviticus 18 & 20
Chapter 8          Virgins, Prostitutes and Concubines, a Woman’s Place
Chapter 9          Prostitutes, Israelite and Pagan
Chapter 10        Procreation Values, Polygamy and Levirate Marriage
Chapter 11        Taken By Force, Rape and Gender Violence
Chapter 12        The Enigma of Solomon’s Song
Chapter 13        Size Matters, a Mercifully Short chapter
Chapter 14        Eunuchs and Genealogies
Chapter 15        Beyond Genealogy, New Testament Family Values
Chapter 16        Gender, Divorce and Adultery:  Matthew 5 & 19
Chapter 17        What a Relief!  Paul on Sexual Needs
Chapter 18        Patristics 1 – What the Church Fathers Thought on the Big Three NT
Texts on Homosexuality
Chapter 19        Patristics 2 – The Church Tradition of the Necessary Evil
Chapter 20        Like Angels in the End
Chapter 21        Conclusion


Appendix 1        Abortion, the Unspoken
Appendix 2        Hyenas and Hares, A Bit of Clement of Alexandria’s Pedagogue
Appendix 3        Arsen in the Sentences of  PseudoPhokylides

Glossary            A Short Glossary of Authors and Texts

Bibliography      BIBLIOGRAPHY


Parelli, Rev. Stehen Parelli

For a list or additional writings by Rev. Stephen Parelli, MDiv, CLICK HERE

For a Topical Index of Writings (2006-20012) by Rev. Stephen Parelli,
as listed on his classic (former) Other Sheep Exec Site website, click here.

1. “The Lord Works Justice for all the Oppressed” –Stephen Parelli
Sermon by Stephen Parelli, MDiv, delivered at Grace Episcopal Church, Sunday morning service of
October 7, 2007, Vineyard Haven (Martha’s Vineyard), Massachusetts.  Text:  Luke 17:11-19, Ten
Lepers Healed – The Samaritan leper returns to give thanks.
2. Why ex-gay therapy doesn’t workStephen Parelli
An article by Stephen Parelli, MDIv, published in the July-August 2007 issue of The Gay & Lesbian
Review Worldwide

My Journey as viewed through My Writings by Rev. Stephen Parelli – Click Here



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This page was first created on April 5, 2015

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